Wednesday, April 15, 2020


CRASH!!! What was that?!?

The porch shook.

Something stomped across the flooring.

I jumped up from my writing in alarm!

I looked towards the screen door.

The inside door was open and I saw a huge form standing there in framed by the moonlight.


My best friend slunk into a corner her toenails click clicking giving her away.

I swatted at the light switch. Nothing.

Damn. This is the last one I had to change to a new switch. 

These push button ones didn't work very well if you just swung down on it.

I recognized the monster standing in the doorway.

His huge head swung from side to side.

I never could understand a night creature having such poor eyesight.

But he was so big and mean it probably just scared its prey to death.

I was in panic mode.

The dog had the best hiding place in the little one-room house.

It had been my grandmother's. 

It was on the opposite side of the town, across the railroad tracks.

No running water. No indoor toilet. That was going to change before winter if I sold my book.

The well had a hand pump in the sink. This was a much-appreciated fixture.

And electricity! I had helped Dad and his brother wire it some twenty years before. 

I didn't relish the push button switches but the knob and tube wiring was as safe as the new stuff.

As long as I could read and use my laptop all was well and good with the world.

The families let me stay there rent-free in exchange for the maintenance like snow shoveling and lawn mowing.

I was hoping to sell the editor of the local weekly on a column so that I could afford groceries and other sundry items.

My thoughts snapped back to the monster in the doorway.

I could hear him breathing deep, raspy sounds in his chest. 

Before I turned off the light, I saw red running down his arm and dripping from his fingers onto the floor. 

Maybe that's why he was hesitating - he was hurt.

In the dark, it looked black.

My trusted friend let out a whimper whenever the beast looked in her direction. 

I may have let out a squeak myself.

I suspect my breathing was more labored than usual as I tried to think...


What now!

The alarm.

Oh geez.

The boss is going to kill me when he sees that huge mistake I made.

Thanks for stopping by.

Craig Martineau