Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Patriotism - When was its Death Knell?

Greed Has Caused this Bitter, Polarized State of America

This is a crucial time in American History. 

From the time of the Founding Fathers until this present day, there have been many challenges to our Republic.


This time is different.

Not only do we have a president that is a narcissist and has no feeling or compassion for the emotions and the plight of others, but he is also the puppet of at least one man whose stated goal is to demolish the United States of America. 

He is well on his way to achieving his goal.

Supporters of the president are champing at the bit to shut down the true news instead of 'FAKE NEWS'. 

This creates a barrier, a division in our society. 

In addition, this president has soiled the Office of the President with lies, crimes and illegal activities that amount to high crimes and misdemeanors.

The House of Representatives will take up his abuse of the emoluments clause. 

The Republican Party sees the current situation as the proper time that they have waited for to slash spending on the elderly, the sick, the children. This includes Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. 

This money does NOT belong to the United States Treasury. Citizens and Corporations have paid for these funds through payroll deductions. 

There have been egregious crimes committed by the president's cronies and the flaying of the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts.

Other laws to protect the environment and endangered species have been drastically weakened, and the Republican party has done nothing to lasso these criminals and apply the rule of law. 

It is ironic to note that the very people that voted for the president are at the receiving end of his monstrous policies to strip people of their rights and dignity.

These blind followers will find that they will be wallowing in the same pigsty as everyone else. Only the super-rich will escape the suffering.


This is only the beginning. He has denigrated our longstanding partners. We have stood shoulder to shoulder to defeat fascism only now to see it rise again. 

Will they again stand with us to defeat a common enemy?

I do not know where we are headed

I can only hope that we defeat him in the next election and we can start rebuilding a country that stands for JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Craig Martineau

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